yang nyasar ke blog ini

Saturday, May 5, 2012

missed me?! yeee

Just wanna recall what have happened to me in the past days that i forgot to put in on the blog.  To warm up with, a shocking news that gonna rock all girls in radius 1001000 mm:P
My menstruation cycle just sucks. I did not get mens for more than 3 months! I thought I got pregnant, so did the doctor. So he asked me to have a urine test to make it sure. He said if I wasn't pregnant, he's going to give me hormone things, the matter of my physical issues. If I was P word I had to carry on, one thing Mr.Doctor...WHAT THE HECK! How was I going to be pregnant If I'm still a virgin all along?! As long as I could remember I was the most valuable wanted virgin in my neighborhood... So after taking the test, it said that I wasn't, Thank God ...
But the shocking feeling took control of me so I couldn't sleep. It took me by surprise that the next day was my day... the doctor's aura pushed the stress out of me so I could release it haha:D. Felt a little like miscarriage but I was fine. Hope that the cycle getting normal after this. Finally, the proof that I took the test!

Back to the Topic, where were we?? Oh well,

Firstly, I accepted as a student of a university, which made me busy with all of those studying thing. It probably happened around June last year. So it was kinda rare to me to meet my "Met" because of this, remembering she has her own business. It's okay, she got new friends then, so did I.
'Met' I miss U

I was doing stubbornly until I got some new friends at college. Actually it was kpop who united us all.  Even we made a crazy vocal group consisted of 10 crazy girls who were craving for the sake of busity [?] well, we are the jobless maniac that looked for something to do, I got to say that we have something now!!!

That's for now, I just wanna make it feel like I 'm updating my blog... next time I promise to myself that I will time to time check and update for the sake of the black-and-white life I have.